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    March 5, 2014
    6:30 - 7:01am PST  

will. i live. i took it straight gets worse every day because breaking the old one so much the eagles to play the stock. good news the top
level meeting here in paris i'm pregnant. us secretary of state john kerry is set to sit down with russian foreign minister sergei lavrov. mr rann said the eu could impose sanctions on russia. ukraine gary and that right leaning on the sidelines at today's board meeting from that the un and the rest. helping the country better managed security and the growing number of refugees with him the annual congress in china gets underway. transform the world's second largest economy with steady growth and twelve percent increase defense spending the headlines read this and i kept expecting us to be intense. when ukraine at more than one thousand
demonstrators waved to ukrainian flags in the eastern city of donetsk that was the first time a pro ukrainian crowd outnumbered pro russian protesters who it seems the government the green man. russian forces have been in the eastern command region for almost a week now. and speaking at his first press conference is the crisis began the russian president but in truth and said russia reserve the right to use all options to protect its compatriots who were living in quotes terror in ukraine that force was not needed for now. meanwhile there's been much diplomatic maneuvering on ukraine here in your app. us secretary of state john kerry is sitting down with the russian foreign minister said in the proper today. that will be their first face to face meeting since the crisis in ukraine escalated last week. kerry has accused russia of making up reasons for that intervention in ukraine speaking to impress the ukrainian foreign
minister slab rushing through the country's fuel. what's happening. it was an aggression from the russian side or on the ukrainian. but that snobbish have to think a vote of eight dollars and with all it's not the only boat to rain but we told them to show prussia home runs seventy was what was their awesome trip to ukraine to be appreciate all possible consultations. also i would show a pic of it. his positional day here. it's a firm position against the russian intervention guillen oh nine at the same time for dialogue. it is only cd of it because they were going to do our best to establish a dialogue. i find solutions to this unacceptable situation church leaders have shown success is not at all certain that what is going to dedicate all our energy to fix them what to do it too may it is only concerned with the pinch. now yes that is causing tension national affairs and are leaving
jacinta highly enough. we just heard on friday since peaking at all says a friend said that the eu could indeed impose sanctions on russia later this week if things were not pulled back at how likely is that to happen what trade sanctions are we talking about when you know this and not a stuffed dog from woodside's the anti putting this into actually implementing it isn't reducing game as the millenia gemini is not as keen and project has taken a soft approach because ann jennings and he said. to date i read russian gas he says. you know putin is on sunday when the waiter that the united states confidence against a geeky he said he did kill the economy flight so he said is betty intertwined in a simple easing sanctions on dress and a much bigger economy is going to be daddy to take the danube time companion to your success by sanctions regimes that be packing a gun and bomb not because the russian economy is betty intertwined wheat and until the economy and what's this. now is this the eu diplomat take up in a shift in the nineteen
eighteen he was supposed to be abandoned in nc and it isn't that nice big dinner the ukrainian prices has completely overshadowed that meeting. and you know how we actually had the russian flag and instead say again that not as speaking in magenta you know shocking diplomacy going on across the continent he's now going to be flying so that is when he said he's going to be meeting and john kennedy and that when you know it would be interesting to be applied in the one at that meeting because our desktops coming from both kenny and am not and never has he spoken and they did that to be attempting to statements from the dozen more about that once at the dnc there in madrid ended today when she is nothing new i mean basically the same line that routine adopted yesterday idea maintaining that the coup happened a democratically elected leader was ousted. they didn't want him to address that you know he had he's he's continuing the mosque or nine that the on demand actually installation eighteen stations in the crimea. i'm not the actions he said dbs said defence units that's how
he described the same moscow has milk until it opened and silk. i have not taking that after nine the city on the ground. what's happening is i made today defended that mean this is the situation is very fluent in tcs to be invested in laid back fun to think so maybe what this team could be cast out the new lineup by some that fond of pragmatism in the ukrainian saying anything it's due to a neat to see the situation isn't any feelings. so much for that earlier and she seemed to leslie that was just mentioning that these meetings today and has actually held on the sidelines of the international summits on eleven under and is still going to go for it today and top of the agenda the military the eco nanny i'm close to one million syrian refugees now the lebanese army in need of modernization in tibet to combat domestic minutes and crepes at a conference in paris on wednesday. this is expected to confirm a deal to supply the soldiers with
weapons or to see some of the three billion dollars price by saudi arabia another member of the international support group for eleven and that could include headache corpses towns and anti tank and styles. the country with an already unstable governments have suffered from a spigot of violence ministry is called taking neighboring syria in recent months suicide promise of targeted civilian areas linked to the minutes and has been on the fence. union have agreed to claim responsibility for the attacks saying that it was and still has the support to present the sound of sounds. prices have also erupted in the northern city of tripoli between us and sympathizes and their city rivals. in addition to the weapon is a special fund will be created to help lebanon. the massive influx of simeon refugees. almost one million refugees leaving the country. world bank estimates have been and will require two point six billion dollars aid to the next three years to handle the crisis
to check in our prime minister address anti at daniel and says he is ready to quit in his ruling body fails to win the key local elections later this month to let anyone is in the midst of fighting and damaging corruption destination. it seems to me and the greatest challenge yet in his eleven dollars an hour the video clip and india has now set a timeframe for its national election vote is set to be held from april seventh to make it well. analysts say this for me the country's most important election in more than thirty years the run up to the violent acts like a spa night on the widespread discontent with the in india over both corruption and disenchantment with the intimate meal gandhi that the tendency has dominated politics for six tickets. the murder trial of peril than the yen and us olympian after the story as is now in its third day south african is accused of
deliberately killing his girlfriend in his home on valentine's day last year today the athletes neighbor resumed his testimony on tuesday but that weakness and his wife told the court they heard screams and gunshots on the night that the story is killed in the dusty town. it was a dramatic and emotional day in the courtroom with the wife breaking down in tears in the dock. the story is has already admitted to shooting his girlfriend and he insists that he was an active lifestyle with them one year after his death from cancer hugo chavez continues to decline venezuela. protests continue this week against his successor nicholas meets euro the opponents want the president to quit and they are threatening seven visible and airy and socialist revolution. some people are demonstrating other areas will pay their respects in more than a week of ceremonies to honor from the leader. this includes fresh. since when did
the streets to collect his anti government protest is called for an end to the violence more than the pills and people are being killed and scores injured since protests began on the token fat the event the countries in the meeting that way. the shortages inflation repression the media cannot cover story so we are keen in foam. we don't have to wait a little blow to know what's happening here. so this is the way to express ourselves in the street. that night. then with seas to the mundane is jailed opposition even leopold the milk has issued a statement urging its supporters to maintain the pressure on president hinckley last month total the optimist when it is oil rich that inflation is fifty six percent. you have to queue for hours in supermarkets in some parts of the country. the foreign minister says that in its national campaign to undermine chavez like this
that is to look into sorting whether to associate this aggression does not have coverage and discontent the leaders of the same people who attacked him over spain in two thousand and two one or two from thirty especially after every electoral victory of the revolution when i thought i'd ever worn stone. nicholas mundo is organizing attend a commemoration chavez samantha was tension in that decade in the country. he and thomas has them and support is now the revolution will go on next to china where at least ten people were killed in a fire on a passenger bus. an accident in northeastern china left another seventeen people hurt. there's no immediate word of the cause of the fire but this is the set. den the bus fire in china in less than a week the right time as the national people's congress is under way in beijing but not without protest outside in tiananmen square annual meeting opened
with a near st stein is targeting growth of about seven point five percent this year unchanged from last year rudy. let see. the boat's crew just economy insufficient support groups remain around seven percent to ten to fourteen. seems like you're starting at the moment and seven point seven percent growth rate in twenty thirteen. what makes the target is in keeping with the goal of finishing to go the moderately prosperous society in all respects boost market confidence and promote economic structural adjustments. china's crude keeps consistently outstripped official targets the government maintained a tight grip on the economy the last five years seen a slowdown in one blistering economic growth. calm has returned its attention to performance. and come to mind
the chinese currency to one to flip book for young markets. in the country more business friendly for foreign firms. officials also continue to shift from an export driven economy. one based more on domestic demand but analysts warn that is hypnotized reduce its capital spending private sector may not be strong enough to keep the economy on track the second capturing data indicates that predicted to be slowing down. it's a musical program the weekend and she followed the second point five percent target it's a race against time to get brazil ready for the football world caught on the stadiums were supposed to be ready my last december but two months later brazil is still far from set for the competition into it. now less than one hundred days to gallon as the campervan gorgeous tony explains the clock is ticking the clock is ticking for world cup organizers with less than a hundred days left
before the start of the competition for the twelve the news are still under construction including the sao paolo stadium which will host the opening game and two twelve. despite the setbacks he says presidents isn't boring. this two hundred days. it's a known way to go. and to a too short to wait to go if i don't see the problems. but now own problems argh it under control. and to the tv in one hundred days. an exceptional good start and an exceptional competition organizers are also struggling to complete various infrastructure projects like roads transport systems in even the airports officials have already announced that some of these projects would not be finished on time. even in the country that warships football the estimated eight billion euro bill is seen by many as a waste of money last year thousands
demonstrated during the confederations cup and with all eyes on brazil once again. protesters have vowed to return to the streets if you want to know one one will come in because the whole global sees the reality of it the real scientists to succeed i know what you see from the outside but it's the real reacted to a cd on the streets will hundred and fifty thousand police officers will be deployed to secure the venue is in the army will be ready to intervene. sixty four years after the first hosted the world cup. brazilian authorities want to make sure nothing gets in the weight of the last peak is celebration i'm leaving here in paris for fashion east as god of brielle shopping straight designer karl lagerfeld turn passes along the way into my night stand outs supermarket where she now canned goods bottles of clean coal and even action now read that setting was his creepy way of presenting the labels autumn winter twenty fourteen to let
me see that there were stars on hand like keira knightley and briana the designer says luxury ship it was like you're going to the supermarket calling it the pop art on the twenty first century been thinking on that sour when some of the journal is send guests at the show began as stealing pieces of this canal stamp sets. the three guards searching people's backs on the layout but a lot of stuff still went missing light shine out your maps. that's what i did take it if i was there but thanks anyway for what seemed to think that that the state and will inexorably with one and minds off. welcome to face off on false bank gets to this it's time for the french presence to reshuffle its unpopular governments. with
unemployment stubbornly high false color tone and his prime is the product struggling with approval ratings and thirty two cents here is how its observers are anticipating what is known in french as a mining law. the shuffle to refresh the golfing scene. earlier this week false premise is to lock it will be brushed off suggestions that he might soon be replaced. telling journalists. he was not used up. anti aids. so welcome to my cell phone calls mind kept up with jen was dead and if he made you fall sick now so lets up. cause my caste system radio one can see face of also with us the phone denise europe paris correspondent for the dutch tv channel rtl full. you also run a bit longer on life in phones politics society and media. when you fill it out on fifth republic human fathers really
the responsibility due to all the president to choose a prime minister. when things go wrong with pride that the president has the power to change. that's prime minister. some call it a sort of a nuclear weapon the disposal of the french president is entitled known to suck his prime minister well it's a really difficult question to own so in a very simple to key on the coast there is growing dissatisfaction with government and is even grew great dissatisfaction with the two heads of executive roles present on all of these under twenty percent with just over twenty percent of the poker pg ratings and the prime minister who is also very dry to a new opinion poll with his will to resist growing pressure on preston told you so he opted to rejuvenate his government team but we just paid all my new school elections in this country and they can be followed by european elections the two crucial polls which if he were to change the government just
before and then use the lake is often woods when noodles are supporters of a descriptive essay will. maybe to cut off the woods. a lot of it for him to wait until the poll to see how badly he dons a name. if he needs to do the conduct of a reshuffle to do it then there's no ideal time to train one other thing is that in the posting process is its way to be quite funny because at it several times during previous governments could weaken old apprentice to walk. not offer a loan. he was the site to know when someone else. i told through this all comes a unified is no peace he was on to the farmers do i feel life has gotten so caught up in what also. he'll be kicked out of the new team coming off was the fossil fuel state which nicholas equity providers so there's no guarantee that. to my pillow with god. i think there will be a couple unreachable but my babies will be off to the selections stiff all of these will what is it you'll finish it. the problem with joe ma him. enough is a promise to moscow on the spur of the problem with the government in seoul and
also with the present of course the french as for the tories said. his very own dissatisfied with the current government with parents the presidents as well. so changing the prime minister for just another prime minister was probably already a menace in his cabinet. this test cosmetics the end of hmong change when it comes to politics he won't somebody stole the problem of unemployment which is prob the biggest problem this country has. so it's basically. i know it's it's probably just to say to do the french electorate that he that was fought on the can change the table probably change is politics by changing as prime minister but in reality it wouldn't change them up in knots quite a few other of these mortgages were halted because people can sue the wall for school this age has not been done he can send all of the wood to raise taxes not to be a killer for us to generate ongoing two in first the argument for rent by the end of december two thousand found in abundance or until filling up. people
it's a bull in a way with the economic growth that we can produce movies that economic growth among which a stool point three when the new one point five to bring down when rates to people beyond belief all totaled at the time before so we don't believe the government's now lot of businesses is actually pretty popular here in tulsa steam tear in a set that money made by this somebody that he would make a good prime minister following the eu makes the chc"teau of people think of for us to make us high cuisine makes these can often compared to some pissy because he's well he's the minister of seeing an interior minister. he's also pretty tough on home anything that senate immigration for example. as silly he's also pulp mill within the deeds of the people didn't vote for a spot on that so that will be a smart move but i eat we students have seen this week approval ratings among telcos actually going down in an often enough the heaviest in the foreign minister is gearing up for this he was
the real prime minister. when krishna who was biking these guys find it in the day there is a risk of course. a few points. a young dynamic prime minister like mine involves weeks on the prison ship then the steely gaze up up up from tucson because he was not a prime minister but a very prominent ministers and is the risk of course that's in the hands on all might end up being overshadowed by line by someone i can link fence the aussies is the cause of this young group of forty something ministers to. i don't go in any case. he's morphed with all new rights we need all the sessions faulty city's appeal to what we go to see the opposition who was seated next to him saying markets are younger than me so cozy. he called on the opinion polls due to a theme that basic reason is that people don't think he's calmed down and secured to cross as much as the city was destroyed because of the police he wouldn't and managed to read more to
appreciate the people dissatisfied with sony's new study week a position to lead now see this extraordinary rise of five years and is very well known in touch with my eyes for one is too much in ages on the phone for me to all the sixty seven years old why the old wise man of the french government to make it a single mind when i introduced them. but as he was the youngest prime minister ninety five for my faithful and he could be the oldest running a stop. in two thousand fourteen says he is someone you breathe tools for true because he's always experience for me to stop people like that. i think my meal thus maybe it's a little early for him become a minister for us. one easing will happen. popping as for the tories said that was fun and probably will wait until after the european elections because he would not be very well and tonight when i don't think this would be wise because he uses steam the milk with actions and then uses the european elections again then you'll have to change again so i think it would be wise to wait this is when tok about
this already. well will assist you. this was hard on was elected. i think we can wait a couple of mid week one person whom we haven't mentioned these being the pm will feature is that it's a white out without me into going on. this is for llama own noted of his children which would refill the minister who wants to be that they are the head of the national assembly but didn't manage to do that two of the last week and feels that the two c to twenty four she sewed in the wings is also becoming an education in a sterile maybe even know interior minister myself the money to the same will say then why allen ran for president in two thousand and seven. i'm lost against nicholas and cozy for a change in rome last summer and maybe she'd been making she wanted him to present the form of punishment the start. now let's move to the other day that school story of frost this week that the leaves of the main consented to the ump. sean full of presents niggles are
cozy during the last presidential election the plan magazine has accused the golf course local pain of having used this posse to enrich his own friends. he denies the allegations and says he's the victim of a plot to discredit him. let's listen to him. did you get control of the last few days myself is that occurs to me has been subjected to a witch hunt i want to tell the people of this country to the evil force that i have always carried out my duty to seize to exist with integrity. to what getting connected. i am not so little time either the french people seen or read. they would never does a wall of the holdings of our eyesight. the system similar to an important indications that his group to as uncle go look at. the steve finally this candle is is highly embarassing the soulful slow cooked a meal most makes me cry the way he speaks of
rising himself remains is the committee says that since this is just and strategy that always works like saying i'm the fates amended to limit when he was the thing is it's working well in his mind. because today was this conference here this week are due this week. and the hero he really wants the heat. he appeals to the french people through to show that he is and how to use cope with token letter which i mean where in two thousand fourteen and thinking that or so which ounces. it's not very muddled up and down he's also been aiming to journalists were doing until i found interesting the office lucy's who probably was something new right wing but it's just won the right side of the french media spectrum. so it's actually well summary of its own camp. this now attacking the teacher is just that their work and ride bikes and they did this poses a question of credibility for the house's main opposition called sealed the seats is divided on seats but i think
one person must like the situation itself rises is apple taste ok will is from su these files is most active pension any clever site using the ball snapped the funny thing though the story is too stupid to recap only is the co pay is accused old bean pole with a company can be made him which was highlighted it with all the lies the election campaign events will use you and people see and then out to survey the bill would lead to things and putting money in their pulpits. on the back of the ump. i've been doing the co pay because coffee with friends according to brent brent east business in the school has been disclosed by the end of class time now that the decrease his legal team which beat windy someone to be just before the elections. ruiz twenty stabilize the force of the few reveal who is very clear that in a real grief in arizona the affirmations of this happened is that this happened is happening which
asked you if you need to g o ts policy to compare the cost of the canadian office said eight these aren't very tacky will the prefix is nice but the question is who do speak on this webpage. one person who could be forced off the overseas main local priest named as the swollen right knee last july and again the un the utmost to take over the ump. i don't think it's because i couldn't even open the front lawn to point this is was so cozy stoughton for all. i would say so what are the result of the thing is to plant wheat which likes of things to come at any rate so that he does come back cause they will build one for preston's and elvis was fourth at the moment they will have to leave it as we're running out of time thank you very much the fun of these fillets of taking part in this edition of face off they stay with us we bring you more news on paul's been to. i know. i
lose them. lynn. and all. i do. in. the all in. he was
one. the official cost another president of kazakhstan russia and lewis will meet moscow to discuss the crisis in ukraine reportedly assaulted by an awkward not because the president received at his residence. the minister for the fish you want a decent according to the presidential press service that extends foreign policy priorities for the coming period and top with the shoes of the international agenda were also discussed during the meeting following the meeting the president has often as a buyer gave instructions on the discuss issues through